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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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SandraDee just got locked into the mens bathroom and is having a PANIC ATTACK !~!~!
SandraDee1 is now after Red One for stealing her Panic Meds. and is going to kill him when she catches him.
News flash! Red One has been found murdered in a ladies room!
WendyLynn is going to enter in the Holla Hoop completion at the State Fair.
Karen Bear picked Red One's pocket right where he lay dead! I saw Her! Shame shame! Bad Juju!
Wndy Lynn is so upset about Red One's murder she's carrying his love child!! What ever shall she do??
Lily Roth head is permanently stuck like that!
SandraDee1 doesn't wash between her toes.
Fractalac sleeps under a bridge
BethD loves Headcheese! EWWW!

Lily Roth orders pizza just to flirt with the delivery guy
Bonnie watches Red One play with himself...I mean errr!!!! .....play Hide N Seek with himself!!!...you naughty naughty people get your minds out of the gutter!!! :-P




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