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You start a rumor about me and then the next person starts a rumor about someone else...

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Frac's toenails are painted, his favorite color called Black Cherry Fizz!
LilyRoth has decided to go skinny dipping today.
Red One likes to play the popcorn trick at the movies!
KarenBear has just won the National Look alike contest of Marilyn Monroe.
Red One is actually James Garner when he was younger!
KarenBear is really Fuzzy-Wuzzy, incognito...
Fractalas Non-linear is planning a trip to the moon in the very near future. Do you want to ride along?
Red One pretends he is blind so he can beg for coins.
BethD just won a nostalgic Disco Dance Contest and also had the best costume.
Bonnie just got a buzz and wonders what happened to all her hair and will it ever grow back.
Red One picks his nose when he is at the movies
BethD just walked into the mens bathroom by mistake and couldn't find her way out.




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