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According to our hypersensitive NY weather bureau, we are getting 12-24 inches of snow tomorrow.
(Personally, I think it may be more like a slush storm....but the news people are warning everyone to rush to the liquor store, rush to the suppermarket...oh boy. Anyone plan to panic?

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Have fun.
Yeah, gotta get to the vodka store b4 it's too late!!!!! OMG!!!! 4 days 50 mph winds. Thats more than one bottle of vodka by the way.

Any one interested in making a paypal donation for vodka (no sum to large or small), can do so through paypal, ms@mothersanity.com

Love you all!
You've had more snow out east this year than we've had in Minnesota. As long as you have plenty of food and entertainment at home... Spring is never gonna look so good.
They key is to stock up on vodka. (An old polish trick). The news is really playing it up, telling people to get to the stores, etc. I think they're just trying to drum up news. What ever happen to Iraq?

I worked for a company in Minnesota once. I love Minnesota, but for the sharp, long winters!
Or, it could be, "Whee!! Sliding down the freeway, drunk as a skunk, is so much fun!"
thats fun in an old junker.
My Datsun was 26 years old and rear wheel drive. LOL. "This is your car. This is your winter ice. This is your car on winter ice. Any questions?" LOL.
I’m scared to tell what the weather is doing here.
Not a single flake of snow here in the low lands this year. But a short trip to the mountains and there is plenty of snow.
why? where you at?
no snow flake yet. Better hurry up and start or the kids will have school. Where IS that vodka.
Just got a e-mail from Cat in Pittsburg. She says they are getting plenty more snow. This winter is really rough. It's about 40 degrees and raining here in Tampa. but, I've got plenty of vodka so should be alright.




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