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According to our hypersensitive NY weather bureau, we are getting 12-24 inches of snow tomorrow.
(Personally, I think it may be more like a slush storm....but the news people are warning everyone to rush to the liquor store, rush to the suppermarket...oh boy. Anyone plan to panic?

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Gosh all hemlock.


Everybody, please panic in an orderly fashion.
Hey! I grew up eating toast made out of big thick slices of toasted homemade bread with milk and sugar. That was for breakfast. For a snack we would cover a big slice with butter and pour brown sugar on that and then stick it in the oven until the butter boiled and the bread turned brown. YUM!!
Is that the recipe?
what is milk toast?
When I was a kid, my families favorite was canned tomatoes over bread.
I could of barfed.
Yikes! Me too! Wet bread!
My mother made butter and jelly sandwiches.
When I finally pulled myself out of bed...oh beloved, so warm and comfortable...there was about a foot and melting quickly. Spring is here, folks.




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