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Last night I imposed on you nice folks about all my problems. Most have been taken care of. Thanks to the goodnes of Larry he is really not angry at me. I will get next Friday off for working last night, and I caught that damn mouse. Now friends, he took the bait very quickly after I set the trap. Now I have something with bugged out eyes, under my sink and I do not want to touch it. My daughter will not help me, because I killed a living thing. My grandchild is a sissy girl, and my neighbors speak no english.

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lmao. I guess you mean the dead mouse under your sink with the bugged out eyes. At first I thought Gary Young might be stalking you.
After that, then go outside with it and throw it over your banister into the yard. The next day it will be gone. "Varmints of the night" will dispose of it for you.

They generally are following me in circles.
This reminds me of our mouse problem years ago. We live in an old house and someone mentioned seeing a mouse. We caught over twenty of them in a two week span. We've never had mouse problems again. I guess word got around.

Anyway one of my boys was putting peanut butter on his and a very large glob. I told him he didn't need to use that much. He won the prize though for eliminating two mice with that one.
Drop something over it and throw the it, the trap and all in the trash.

Have a glass of wine and a great weekend.
I am home, and I hate that stinking mouse. I will put on gloves, get a towel and gargage bag. I just hope it does not drop out of anything. I will need a few red wines tonight. Goodight folks. I will not feel him, will I---shiver!!!!
Be strong. Do it now.

He'll be more fragrant tomorrow.

snort ... hand over mouth ... chorkle ... not laughing ... not ... not .... not laughing ... snort
get a cat,you won't need a mousetrap. The cat will take care of the whole problem.
So, Blondie, have you taken care of the mouse? Gotten any help?




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