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It looks like tbd sounds like TBD but is it TBD??

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Yup! It's TBD on steroids. Better pictures, nested quotes, edgy conversation. Count your blessings, Mel.
No, it pales in comparison. The passion just isn't there.

It's still the same TBD.
Some got lost in the shuffle?
They will finally find their way back, I hope.
You can work on the passion part.
I'l go looking for lost members.

Where do I look?
All of the "lost" members I hear from are on facebook. Doing what I do not know. Look there first.
I'm on Facebook and have no clue as to what to do?
I don't want to join Mafia Wars or have a net garden party where someone sends me a squash.
Maybe I should get out the tinker toys?
My feelings exactly. Maybe we are just old.
This is as good an explanation as any.

I spent a lot of time on the original site. My time here is more of a drive-by.
This site beats the heck outta nothing. But to me, this pales in comparison to the original. Yes, there are some things here that are better, but I just don't feel the closeness, the immediat contact. The gratification is here, it just seems to be delayed.
TBD with a twist....*can never go back* Let's make the best of what we got...Good people...best of intentions.




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