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J.C. Penney has decided not to cave to the outcry of a group that calls itself "One Million Moms" and has decided that Ellen Degeneres is an appropriate spokesperson for its products.

Should a person's private life be put through a sieve of approval before they can work in the advertising or public marketing?

Is it right to cancel a line of children's products because the adult  character they are based on was caught in an adult movie house?

Should a star's movies be boycotted because he might be gerbilling behind closed doors?*

Do you think that consumers of these products consider these issues before deciding where or from whom they will purchase an item?

For that matter, should I even be writing about this stuff?  What business is it of mine?

* Apologies to RG, I realize this allegation has never been verified...or outright denied.




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Ahh, But GM is back and they brought Clint with them.

Thanks for that, Quinn.




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