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J.C. Penney has decided not to cave to the outcry of a group that calls itself "One Million Moms" and has decided that Ellen Degeneres is an appropriate spokesperson for its products.

Should a person's private life be put through a sieve of approval before they can work in the advertising or public marketing?

Is it right to cancel a line of children's products because the adult  character they are based on was caught in an adult movie house?

Should a star's movies be boycotted because he might be gerbilling behind closed doors?*

Do you think that consumers of these products consider these issues before deciding where or from whom they will purchase an item?

For that matter, should I even be writing about this stuff?  What business is it of mine?

* Apologies to RG, I realize this allegation has never been verified...or outright denied.




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Probably all advertising agencies have moral clauses...which is why you won't find Gere as a spokesman for Hartz® Rodent nutritional supplements.

Shhh!  That's never been verified (and I've searched all the tabloids).

Somebody really is messing with my head.  There were two other comments here yesterday.

Did you piss off Pee Wee Herman?

Maybe someone commented and then decided to take it back~~~

I've done that in the past, but not recently.

Now I delete my comments *before* I post them.  ;o)


I prefer to believe that it doesn't make a difference.

And what kind of people obsess about other people's private lives?

Junior high boys are notorious for their prurient imaginations.

I confess that I am often amazed about what gets put in the press most of the time, but then I realize that that is what press agents are for:  to keep the client's name out there.

That other unbelievable stuff is usually just that.

I bet those Million Moms aren't nearly as funny as Ellen

Good one PA!

In my simplistic way of thinking...Ad companys pay lots of moola to  have some one be a 'spokes mouth' for their product.   Usually it's offered to the "flavor of the month"  celebrity.  Every one has bills to pay.  Clint was paid a whole lotta money to do that car commercial...He probably drives a Toyota.  Is anyone going to get their nickers in a knot about that?  "Prolly not.

It was a crying shame about PeeWee. We loved his show.   There have been worse crimes with less repercussions...that's where the shame lies.   The general public can have such narrow vision and short term memories.

As far as comments disappearing...Some people have 'senders regret.   We live in turbulent times, you know.

*off to find "Rant/Rave"*

Clint Eastwood drives a GMC Typhoon.

It says so on the internet, so it must be true.


I thought he drove a 1970 Ford Grand Torino. I saw it in a movie.

Yup, that's what I thought too, P.A.!  ;-0

He also died in that movie.....just sayin'.




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