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For those of you who aren't in Moosie's Crossing on Facebook, and would like to see some of the old gang, please note that there is a meet-up coming up in the Gatlinsburg, TN area.  It'll be held August 8-11.


They have room for more attendees, and Queen Saraka asked me to post this here on TBD.


Although I won't be in attendance, I do know that they have a stellar lineup of, uh, characters lined up.  Queen, Still Going, NASCAR Girl, Moosie, Belle 54, CWO Robbie, and the Kremises come to mind off the top of my head.   And there are more!  A couple of the attendees are former Eons members.




Above is a FB link to the shenanigans.  If you are not on FB, perhaps I can act as a go-between to put you together with someone who has more details.


Last year, at about the same time in August, several of us rented a beach house in Michigan City, and I gotta say, we had a ball.


So, give it some thought....try it, you might like it!







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Do they have airport in Gatlinsburg, TN?

Good question, Aggie(no K).  I do believe some of the combatants, I mean attendees, are coming by air.  I'm not sure where they fly in and out of, though.

You would have to fly into Knoxville which is about 30 miles from Gatlinburg. There may be a stump jumper type airport in Sevierville, about 10 miles out, but I wouldn't recommend it.

P.A.!!!!! Good to see you!!! Please hang around more. You are missed!!!

Thanks for the post Stir. Good to see you!!!!! I just got a post from Larry (like 5 minutes ago) letting me know about the meet up. We won't be able to make it because we are going to be spending some major bucks on a new roof a the end of this month.

Oh, my goodness you all missed a fantastic meet-up.  We are planning a huge meet up for 2015 in MI.

Not sure at this point where 2014 will be. A lot of us Moosie Crossing peeps are on Facebook and it is almost as good as what we had here.  Join us wont you? If you do, you can view pics from 2112 and 13 on our page. Just ask one of us to invite you are you are in!!! We do have some rules. A BIG RULE is HUGS are required when greeting in person!

Have a wonderful Wednesday


I couldn't get to the last meet due to lack of funds. Who knew a new roof would be THAT expensive? Hopefully I'll make it one of these years!!!!!




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