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Though it has taken many years a small step seems to have been made for our personal freedoms and the rule of law. I believe this shows though sometimes slow our system will work given time.

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Here we go again.
Punishing people that do their job.
Are they going to dig up the people that ordered thousands of Japanese to be held in camps during WW 2 and punish them?
Enough foolishness.
What a piece of crap. So if I as a teacher had commited a crime in the process of teaching my subject I should not be punished? Or is that rule only for right wingers who violate the constitution and are in positions of great power? Tell me Darroll where do you stand for "justice for all" or "just us all".
Quote: Tell me Darroll where do you stand for "justice for all" or "just us all". End Quote

A material witness (in US law) is a person with information alleged to be material concerning a criminal proceeding.

Don’t just sit there, find a witch to fry.
That would be the speciality of your side. We believe in justice for all no matter who they are.
So you are saying that if the police or FBI or whoever believe I have information about a crime they can put me in jail an hold me as long as they like. There would be no hearing or trial because I was not accused of a crime. How rediculous can you be.
Thank you, Bull. Much appreciated: the facts and your bringing them to our attention.
Thanks Bull, This is good news. Laws are to apply to everyone. I don't give a crap who you are, or what job you hold, the law is the law. If you break the law, you should pay.
Wonderful news, Bull. Thank you for posting it.
Thanks for linking us with the full story, Bull. I am happy to hear it.
A material witness is a person who is presumed to have information about the subject matter of a lawsuit or criminal prosecution which is critical to the outcome of the case or trial. Thus, the court must make every reasonable effort to allow such a witness to testify, including a continuance (delay in a trial) to accommodate him/her if late or temporarily unavailable.

Under a 1984 federal statute, prosecutors may seek an arrest warrant if a potential witness's testimony is "material" to a criminal proceeding and the individual is likely to flee. A judge must approve the warrant, and the witness is entitled to a bond hearing and a court-appointed attorney. The limit of the bond amount varies by jurisdiction and the judge's discretion. Federal law requires that authorities get a judicial officer's permission to hold a material witness for any length of time. Release of a material witness may be delayed for a reasonable period of time until trial testimony or the deposition of the witness can be taken pursuant to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure.
Note the word "presumed", not quite the same as "alleged". Just saying, that's all. Definitions should be accurate if they are to be quoted. I will leave now.




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