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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

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So far all of us guys get to witness all the fun stuff.

If I was determined I would track down the movie clip that has stayed with me for years. W.C. Fields walks into a boarding house kitchen with many people slurping their soup. He says, "The soup sounds delicious."
I have completely lost my appetite.
Perhaps you guys should market a new diet program?
I'm thinking more of marketing a sure-fire way to, if not actually win an argument with a woman, then to at least cause her to forfeit.

It works for me, anyway. Don't expect me to just spill all over the net for free, though. These are hard times.
That's funny!

O, you were serious?
"Serious" isn't the right word....

Something more like "Confident" works better...
Yeah, good luck Snagg. I think you should focus your efforts in another direction.
Larry called me boring!
Hey Larry? Larry? How'd that football game turn out for ya today? [evil laugh]
That was truly cruel, Quinn. A shot from the underworld and a direct hit.
Woohoo! Mission accomplished!
Would someone clean up this blood on the floor.

Yeah, you.

Think yer tough?

Pshaw. I got a couple of cover versions here that'll turn yer knees to jelly, babe.

Just try me...When this Flaming Lips is over, anyway. And after the song after when the Flaming Lips is over. I can't be pushed around. No Sir, not me.
Don't be "pshawing" me buddy boy! You're pushing it...




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