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Because there are nerves down there that have not yet evolved enough to understand sitting at a computer.  Give it a couple of decades.

I've got Amaretto jelly.  It is heavenly.  I'll rant about it when I step on the scale.

Are you trying the "Slimnomore" exercise routine?

I want to get a bicycle but am so fat the tires will probably explode.

Rave; Chap Stick was on sale today at the store!

Grammar RANT:  When the object of a preposition is a pronoun, it should be an OBJECTIVE PRONOUN.  I, you, him, her, it, us are all objective pronouns. I just finished a novel that was entertaining, and otherwise well-written, but the author (and the editor) insisted on using subjective pronouns after the preposition "between".  She wouldn't write (or say) "between we", but she seemed okay with writing "between he and I".   AAAARGH!   You should just take me out and shoot me.  I have lived too long and studied English too much.

RAVE:  It is time to go to bed now.  Sweet oblivion.

Rant: Took forever to order one milk shake from unmanned kiosk machine, then took 4 hours to fill out survey about service due to my poor 4G internet reception.

Rave: I never have to go back to that kiosk Jack N Box again.

A Jack in the box vending machine?  Does the shake pop out of the top when you turn the handle?

That could get messy.

They have machine to take orders, people still hand the shake to you.  Manager called me today and said they were sorry.


I'm confused.  Where is this robot kiosk?  I kind of want to check this out.



They have 'em in gas stations around here, too. They're called "F'real", you punch in a your "flavor combo", put in yer money and the machine does the rest. Still nowhere as good as a shake made from ice cream, milk and chocolate syrup, by a human being.

Wendy is lookin better than Jack now.


Here's a rave for the ladies....




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