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Do they cook stuff you like?

Sometimes you just gotta go postal on car repair shops. Unfortunately most of 'em will take advantage of a woman every chance they get.

No worries.

I think I must be building up  to a major rant.

Go for it.

Now I got a cold. What is next?

Rave. I lost weight from all this crap going on!

Rant:    The governor of New Jersey, not the sharpest knife in the drawer, wants to lower the U.S. flag to half staff in honor of Whitney Houston.....Absolutely rediculous!!!!! What a disgrace to our flag and to the others who have died in it's service.


I'm never quite sure whether or not pandering politicians are really that dumb, or just that crafty.

I liked her. So....how about lowering it a quarter of the way for half an hour?

When Betty White goes though, I think she'll deserve the full half mast (for three and half hours maximum).

Uh......no and no.

Zsa Zsa?

I am always mystified about why people with so much talent can't handle "Life".

When 3 people have sex,its called a THREESOME,
When 2 people have sex,its called a TWOSOME,
So...we finally understand why they call you HANDSOME!!

That is funny Aggie :)

Why does my lower back hurt?




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