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Yeah Ubu, Snagg hides behind a radio microphone and acts tough. I wonder what he does while the song's playing.

Self-besmirching comes to mind. Bad image, bad image.
Good morning Quinny. May I call you Quinny? Come on back after your clean up the puppy shit. I mean puppy poop, dogs shit, puppies poop.
It's nice to know we can always count on you. :-)
Oh, all right - I'll post a rant. Just to get in the spirit and all. I'm no troublemaker, heaven knows...

WHY the f**k are there no decent, easily-available covers of the Beatles' "Your Mother Should Know"?! The stuff I can dig up is almost 100% trite, twee, cutesy-assed drivel, performed by smarmy McCartney-wannabes, videotaping themselves on their grandmother's out-of-tune upright baby grand in the parlor and puking out amateurish swill barely suitable for even the latest horrific Disney singalong cd aimed at kiddies who's parents have no taste, and who want to pass their utterly corrupted sensibilities on to their innocent, impressionable offspring, those monsters.

Either that, or it's totally safe, predictable, take-no-chances, "faithfull" (*gurgle, heave*) imitations, xeroxed by third-rate Beatles covers bands and spoon-fed to christ knows who...Usually terminal Beatles obsessives who still can't quite accept that the Fab Four are most definitely never going to get back together, but still appoint themselves the curators and guardians of the Beatles legacy, sour old grouches constantly on the lookout for any radical weirdos with some wild idea about deviating an 8th note away from "acceptable" Beatles canon.

Piss on 'em. I say Heresy is always better than Heritage. Somebody, please, grab that moldy nugget of extinct British music hall sentiment, deconstruct it, smash it to splinters, toy with it's DNA and rebuild it as something that, instead of making McCartney glow with even more fatuous pride, would give John Lennon a big ol' silly grin. Now there was a guy who expected more of his audience, by god.

Do it for Lennon. Do it for mankind. At least, do it in time for me to play it as a part of my "Magical Mystery Tour" covers version in a few weeks, dammit. Get your shit together. We're on a deadline, people.
ick? Shame on you, oh shame on you. The most talented musicians ever assembled.
Go for it. Let's talk kids that chew with their mouths open. Might as well use your fingernails on a chalkboard.
Okay you're right. You should have been with me the day a co-worker brought a fresh garden tomato for lunch. He spreads out napkins at least and starts gnawing away. Juices running down his chin and hands. It was a sight to behold.
I forgot to add all the slurping noises involved, too.
Wendy....Have you ever eaten a "Chicago-Style" Hot Dog?

There is no way to eat one of those and still observe correct dinner etiquette. I'm sorry, but that's just the way that bird sings...

Try that idea on a flimsy paper plate in your lap while juggling a beverage and still paying attention to the game.
This was fun to watch. One of my co-workers on the railroad, after eating a tuna fish sandwich, he took out his dentures and licked them.
We have this subhuman at work known as "Big Ed". The kinda guy who cuts his own hair and watches thirty-year-old VHS tapes of the 700 Club, ya know? He once lumbered into the cafeteria, got change for a ten dollar bill and went and shoved every penny of it into the vending machines and carried away two trays full of nothing but Twinkies and Ho-Ho's and similar garbage - And this was when that crap cost a quarter apiece.

He sat down at a table and scarfed down every bit of it, washing it all down with Diet Coke, of course. The ceiling fans blowing his discarded wrappers all over the place, like little flyers for the local Heart Disease clinic. People were fleeing the room as if rats had come bursting out of the kitchen. A few of us stronger-stomached types watched in fascination, debating where Ed had found a friend to dare him to do it...




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