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I wanted to be going 111 MPH when the car odometer hit 111,111 miles but I settled for easing into a parking lot and snapping this picture. A lot safer I suppose.


2001 Honda Insight.
On Jan. 11 at 11:11 am I looked at the clock and punched in the random numbers into the search engine to see what would come up,( you know that's just the sort of thing us feeble minded people do). And references to angels came up and rainbow warriors and loved ones that had passed into eternity. Stuff like that.

Listen sweetheart anyone who can kick my butt at scrabble is a smarty pants.



I put a comfy chair in my happy place and is sooonice!!!

My rant? I come home from a long day and find our former business partners car parked at the neighbors. The lady passed away several months ago..and boy do I know what is going on in there. He is trying to cherry pick her estate and get all the best things before they go to auction. He is a know dumpster diver...hard to believe he was part of our business before he and his partner "couldn't work that hard". I am still smarting that they walked took all our vendor info and opened a duplicate business. Too bad he is still a sack boy at the grocery store....sack boy by day...business owner..whenever his hubby will allow it. 


okay...that is enough but I feel better.

Some people are snakes..:-/
That sucks the big weenie RRC. How is it that that he got his stinky foot on  YOUR neighbors front door. Could you warn your neighbors about snake oill salesmen>???

Rant : the  water and electric was out at work for 4 days becuz of Hurricane Irene.

A mean visciuos big pit bull mix dog bit my  left pinkie when I went to feed it.

There was no water or antiseptic, bandages to fix it up and wash it.


it hurt, and is still bad, bloody , mangled. might have to chop the last part of  it off.

i am  left handed handed and do art work at home . So that really sucks ass.


There was LOTS of detours, orange cones and it took twice as long to get back to work and back. Wasted a ton of gas.

Most no body even showed up.


Rave. the mean dog left work. Hope he went to the boneyard.

And at home the electric/water/cable NEVER went off. :)

Mrs.Pennypacker is the prettiest cat  on the Eastern Seaboard.

Had a good crop of tomatoes and red bell peppers this year.

 I caught a lot of crabs. Crabcakes were good.


Get yourself to the ER right away!

What DD and Quinn said!!

I will warn them, the daughter who lives a couple of houses down seems very upset over the whole thing. She and her mother were very close. Seems the ones doing all the 'dealing' haven't lived close by for years.

I just think of all the money he is spending...won't be long and they will have another bankruptcy on their record. 




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