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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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Is moose spanking anything like moose goosing?
That's definately a moose that just got spanked. If the camera were to pan right, we'd see Maria with the same shit-eating grin.
O, for crying out loud, you'd think you're the only person with glasses...Wah, wah, wah

Do you think I care about your problems when I have a puppy using the living room carpet as her own personal bathroom???
Ahhh, the honeymoon is over now begins the fun part, training. This should be good for mucho rants from Quinn.
I could swear that Quinn is describing most of the guys in tbd. Every thing is accurate to a tee, except for "embarrassed to have an audience".
LMAO!!! She got you good....lol
I can see that the friggin' headache might be something new.
Something we both can rant about. If I hear "Santa Baby" before Thanksgiving I'm gonna snap. I made it all last year only hearing it once. Christmas lights blazing before TG? Nope. Don't like that either. Those bloody Thankmasites!!!!
Do you honestly think I'm going to click on this video? Ha a ha ha ha. Nice try.
I bet you're one of those "I listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving" people. Wearing your Santa hat to bed since Halloween? :-)
MysticalMaria, Help!!! We're having bresteses (as Larry would say) for dinner tonight, and Larry won't keep his hands to himself. He's getting really grabby. What should I do???? grrrrrrrr
Ohhhhhhh!!!! I like that last suggestion alot!!!

The garage suggestion just leads to besmirching and he leaves me out of that one. Yep! It's flashing and if that doesn't work, I'll tie him up and give you and all the girls a call!!!! Thanks....

Darn besmircher!!!!




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