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Rant: My 40 yesr old daughter has let her house go into default. 

Rave: My 36 year old son is debt free. His (and his wife's) goal was to be debt free by the time he turned 36. Rhey met their goal 2 months before he turned 36. House is paid, both cars are paid, and he is doesn't own a dime on credit cards. He works from home as a videographer, (wedding videos) and also is a web designer. They also sell calendars, and she blogs. Some of her pics on her blog have been noticed by national mags, and she has had her pics on covers, and also inside of some of thes publications. He and his wife blow me away. They buy raw milk from a local farmer and make their own butter. If they have you over for spaghetti dinner, the pasta is fresh made, and the sauce is from the garden. She makes the best tiramasso I have ever tasted, and she makes it all from scratch. She even makes her own lady fingers in the tiramasso. Last year she started 250 tomato plants from seed. Almost all were heirloom varieties. Yes, she gave away about half of the plants to family and friends, but she still had about 125 different tomato plants going. They grow everything you can imagine. Potatoes, carrots, beans, corn, asparagus, peppers, etc. etc. They recently purchased a vacant lot next to them, and he cut trees and pulled stumps so they can expand their growing space. The last thing I heard is that he is building his own 1940"s style tear drop trailer for their next vacation, and that she is now making her own potting soil. Anyone intersted in reading her blog, here is the link. If you like gardening tips, or just practical info, click on this link. I'm so proud of these kids I could just bust!!!!!!


Tell me about your daughter.
 A couple of years ago, when the market was good, we gave her an "inheritance" of $10,000 to buy a house to flip. Anyway, instead they sold their really nice house, and put a 1000,000. bucks in their pocket and moved into the new house. BUT the house they are in is a "starter" house, and they invested way too much money into it. Stainless appliances, top of the line canitets, hard wood floors etc. If I had known they were not going to flip this house quickly. we would not have given them the 10,000. Now the market has tanked, and they have decided to just walk away.

Such a difference in responsibilities.  I wasn't meaning to be nosy.

  Life can take such twists and turns not always by choice  I've learned.

I have three kids.  I can't take them by the hand and lead them safely  across the street or make them take their medicine.  It's not easy to back off.

Jaylee, I don't take any credit for my son's sucess, or feel responsible for my daughters situation. It is what it is. I'm just glad that they are both happy in their lives. (yes, even though she is losing the house, she has a wonderful child that she quit her job to take care of) I think the trade off is worth it, because he is an extremely loving and  happy 2 year old.
thumbs up!
I have a guy that works for me on weekends on the farm. He keeps telling people nobody wants to hire a 59 year old guy. Then I remind him to quit calling me nobody.

Hello Aggie....its good to see ya again.  Yeah, thats quite a tale...sorry for ya!

BTW, we hope you can stop by more often....that other Aggie from Texas is alright, I guess, but he's not you!  LOL!

Yes, I do not have a K and not as good lookin.


That is funny, Aggie.  So do you blame this on that age factor or what?  


We got our first front loader about a year ago.   The first time I forgot to toss in a couple of items I realized I was out of luck. 


Good to see you again, Ags!!

Hey! It's Aggie with a K.

How are the boys doing? My youngest is at Camp Shelby, MS getting ready to go back to Afghanistan.

I guess I could rant about that.




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