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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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Shep? Is that you?
I should be so lucky.
Is Shemp here??
Hide me! I owe him $12 from awhile back. I thought I left him at the alter.

When I altered to ditch him! Yuk yuk yuk!
I spelled something wrong again?!!!
You spelled that wrong, too, Q. It should read #@!%.
#@!%*&( 'spelling police...ppffttt...
Bitch away Aggie. Caps. bold, or italic. Get your rant out there. I'm sure you have Ubu's blessing.
I told you what to wear in the random thoughts thread. Why don't women listen?
Yep. You can do caps, bold or whatever. I can't say that someone won't come along and rant about it though. These people here are super touchy. It doesn't take much to get their dander up.
See, Aggie? I forgot to specifically mention the Canadians. Once their frost bitten brains thaw-----Look out!!
And the word is out that the Canadian women are moose biters too.
That looks like fun. When I was a teen I outran a pair of dalmations. I had a paper route, I would collect every Sat. morning, my one customer had 2 dalmations. While I waited at the front door for my money, the dogs would growl and bark at me, feeling safe outside of the closed door, I would stare them down and growl back. One night a friend and I walked by the house, the dogs were out, they came after us, my friend was smart and went up the only tree nearby. I ran, I must have great adrenal glands. My buddy said he never saw anybody run that fast.




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