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I will never, never, never move.  I want to be buried on this mountain overlooking the lake.  If a bear digs me up and eats me, fine!

I do not like the process of moving, but I love the move itself.  That is why I live in an RV. I don't have to sort through all the crap and pack and then unpack. That is the part I hate.

This is now going to get boring so you might want to go do something else. I don't think I have done this before and it will be an exercise in self satisfaction. I will list all the places I have lived.

1. Born in Smithburg, WV

2. The farm in New Milton, Doddridge County WV. 

3. Porto Rico, WV

4. The Farm

5.Pittsburgh, PA (2 different places)

6. The Farm

7. Pittsburgh, PA 

8. The Farm

9. Whitesville, WV

10. Colcord, WV

11. Kenna, WV

12. Moved to St. Albans, WV in 1950 at the age of 13. Went to grade 8 through 12. Then almost two years of college.

13. In May 1957 went to Colorado. While there working as a surveyor and camp guard spent time in thirteen different camps in Colorado, Utah, and Nevada.

14. Went back to WV and joined the Army. Went to Basic in South Carolina. Tech Schools in New Jersey and New Mexico. Then assigned to Ft. Bliss, TX in El Paso.

15. Honorably discharged in 1962 and went back to St. Albans, WV.

16. Moved to Parkersburg, WV.

17. Moved to Elizabeth, WV

18. Moved to Dallas, TX

19. To El Paso, TX

20. Back to St. Albans, WV

21. Joined Air Force, Tech School at Biloxi, MS

22. Warner Robins, GA. Married a home town girl from St. Albans, WV

23. Assigned to San Angelo TX

24. Two Years in Brindisi, Italy

25. Back to San Angelo, TX

26. Transfered to Army for position of Warrant Officer. Tech schools at Ft. Sill, OK and Ft. Meade, MD

27. Assigned to Sinope, Turkey

28. Ft. Hood, TX Divorced

29. Belton, TX, Married New wife; Moved

30. Austin, TX

31. Viet Nam

32. Patrick AFB, FL Near Cocoa Beach, FL Worked at Cape Canaveral

33. Ft. Devens, MA Near Boston

34. Kaiserslaughtern, Germany.

35. Retired from Army. Moved back to Farm in WV

36. Harpers Ferry, WV

37. Leesburg, VA

38. Ashburn, VA

39. Leesburg, VA Separated Moved into RV and hit the road.

40. Divorced, Traveled north and South, Houton, Maine to Key West, FL

      West to Colorado Springs, CO and SLC, Utah.

41. Now at Escapee RV Park Livingston, TX

I have now paried my possessions down to what I need in the RV and will probably one day move into a small apt and have even less stuff.

Anyone still awake?



Ah Yes, But it is such a mixture that nobody can pinpoint the area.
Thats a pretty large area. WV is a border state.

Yep. You beat me.

Here's mine:

1. Atlanta, GA

2. Huntsville, AL House #1

3. Huntsville, AL House #2

4. Tuskegee, AL House #1

5. Tuskegee, AL House #2

6. Tuskegee, AL House #3

7. Birmingham, AL House #1

8. Birmingham, AL House #2

9. Birmingham, AL House #3

10.Alexander City, AL

11.Birmingham, AL House #4

12.Birmingham, AL House #5

13.Birmingham, AL My own apt.

14.Birmingham, AL Apt. #2

15.Smithtown, NY

16.Hicksville, NY

17.Atlanta, GA Apt. #1

18.Atlanta, GA House #1

19.Atlanta, GA Apt. #2

20.Atlanta, GA House #2

21.Atlanta, GA House #3

22. S.E. Michigan

23. Atlanta, GA House #4


hmmm... I thought I was on home #25 or 26


this is an interesting reflection. I moved from one town to another at ages

2, 6, 10, 14, 16, 21, 23, 40 & 46.

and that would have absolutely nothing to do w/me.
You didn't spell it right.....just sayin'...
That's a very interesting video, Aggie. I had no idea that Houston was such a large city. It's a big as Atlanta.
Bigger, It is the 4th largest city in the US.
I have been to Atlanta on my way to Rock Eagle, it did not look very big to me.




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