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A person can't just wander in here and spout such claims and expect us to believe it.

We need visual proof. You've got twenty-four hours.
Now, Maria...Just because the rest of the world handed Canada it's Olympic ass on your own home turf is no reason to get all bent out of shape with your much more powerful neighbor to the south....I thought you Canucks were all about graciousness and not being sore losers. Here, have a beer.
First reaction: I'm just glad, geographically, you are closer. (She's been a bit edgy since the closing ceremony.)

First comeback: You expect me to come up there? If your gonna spout Canuckian threats show a little initiative and make the move. Coming by snowmobile? See you in what... three weeks?
Don't feel bad. I didn't think they were gonna let me and the kids back in, and we didn't have any contraband in our bras either. American authorities must have some kinda power trip complex or something.
Those girls in your bra make men weak in the knees, I'm glad they're not illegal though.
Maria, unless you have an aversion to being wrapped in medical gauze and bandages and put into an oblong box, I think I have an idea of how to get you stateside. "Waaahhh! I want my mummy!!! Waaaah!"

Don't sugar coat it, Daz. Tell us what you really think.
Moi? Petite ol' MOI? Écoute . . . I am soooo of zee shy! Monsieur mais qui 'ou 're so kind!
Ooooooo La La !

I've told my "Blazing Saddles" story before, if you've already heard it "tough shit".

I was set up on a blind date. We decided to see Blazing Saddles when it first came out in the 70's. Luckily I had an aisle seat. I almost pissed myself laughing, practically rolling in the aisle, this bitch barely cracked a smile. I never called her again, and I'm sure she was glad.
I haven't had anything to rant about for a couple of weeks, but I will. I want to be perfectly clear about something, I'm not about to take anybody's shit.
Tell me mon darlin' Larreeeeee did zee not have zee bon ton avec zee petite Canadian bébé ?




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