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I love to play, I must have been in bed a few pages ago. And no, my hands don't fight with each other, there's a mutual respect there.
We're making progress DD...no more pee in the house, but the "other"? Still working on that :-)
And why is it that ice cream cartons keep getting smaller and smaller? They used to hold half a gallon.

It's not right to mess with our ice cream!
When did they do away with passing lanes on the highway?
They must have, right? Because NO ONE IS PASSING, THEY ARE JUST MOSEYING ALONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Snarling traffic for miles, but they seem to be blissfully unaware of this! AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
....You shouldn't text and drive at the same time, Quinn.

Not with your road rage, anyway...
Snagg, Snagg, Snagg...I thought I made it clear before...I will do whatever I damn well please, whenever I damn well feel like it. Safety be damned!
Got it?
The passing lane is there for you sweetie. I hate seeing the veins in your neck popping all the time.

I got your back Snagg, even though you do perfectly fine on your own, I didn't see you around.
Bring it! I'll cut ya!
Quinn, please let us know when you might be tear-assing through our neck of the woods, so we can get our friends and loved ones off the road for an hour or so.

On a serious note, has your bulldozer operator's license been revoked by any chance ? Just curious...
Larry? Snagg? Where are you two? Get back here. I'm home now and we have some serious talking to do!

O, and, Mr smarty pants? That partime job razing local eyesores pays for Christmas every year!
Ladies and Gentlemen

In this corner---Quinn, ___ pounds of pure rage.

In that corner---the tag team of Snagg and Larry wearing spandex and velcro. It may not seem fair but it should be a close battle.
Whoa there, Sport - I'm in far to mellow a mood to go toe to toe with somebody who once managed to make the infamous Judge Judi back the hell up a step or two. Just having a quiet, relaxing night with the fiance and our old, old dog who escaped the Big Sleep a few days ago, so I ain't looking to tempt the fates any more than necessary right now...




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