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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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Your post came across blurry. Repeat please.
You know Quinn the new TBD would be really cool if only you know who didn't tag along
I nearly ended the topic on the Knucklehead comment. You're so mean!! :-)
I'm mean? I'm mean?
It takes one to know one...

Wait, is that right?

I'm rubber and you're glue and...and...oh hell, I don't know the rest...

Wendy is this better?
Maria needs a Thesaurus Maria needs a Thesaurus la la la LA la !!! ;-P
Ayup! Presenting bottom!!! ;-D
Oh! And Maria honey - I hear his name is TOM !!! Isn't that just the sweetest thing!!?!
HUGE HUGS DAZZ!!! Really glad to see ya....BOY HOWDY!!! I would love to get your views on a couple of things.
They are ALL MAD!!! That's my theory!
LOL...yes WE are!! Fantastik!!




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