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Ah, but what if you need that document 3 years after you have shredded it? Better to rent a storage room. Toss every thing in it and let the heirs find what they need. When they need it. Pays them back for all the grief they caused while raising them.

Damn, I'm starting to think more and more like Snagg.

Did you mean shredder?  Or gutter?

I wish church lasted about  an hour longer.  That way there wouldn't be a 45 minute wait at the diner for lunch.

My Church gets out an hour earlier so we always beat everyone to lunch.

My church could get out earlier (Our Lady of the Holy Snooze Button), but that would defeat the purpose of Sunday.

Rant: Why, now adays, does every one say, "That was so fun!"

What happened to, "That was so MUCH fun."???

And when I bought my last auto,  I came in to pick it up, and the saleslady said to me "do you love your car?"  I wanted to say, "no, but I lust after it".  Instead, I kept quiet, and slyly ogled the fetching young thing who had posed the question.

Was I wrong doing that?


According to Jimmy Carter, your allowed to lust in your heart. I'm just not sure how that relates to your new car. 

Yes, you were wrong. You should always express love for inanimate objects. They cause much less trouble.

Well, I do remember reading a decal on a pickup truck the other day that said "If it has tits or tires it will cause you trouble". So, I guess slyly ogling your car could lead to trouble. 

Rave: Put up a new ceiling-mounted light fixture for GiGi's art room. Dead square with the rest of the room and lined up with the other light fixture, and it also went in beautifully because of careful preparation for the previous fixture, which I'd had the foresight to consider when installing the original light.

Rant: Had to build an intricate, routed and dadoed wooden spacer block between the joist and the new light, and the first attempt at it cracked while going through the table saw and a chunk the size of a soda can shot out and clocked me right on the chin, leaving me with a scab the size of the end of a 2X4. Thought it had chipped a couple of teeth for a few minutes, but at least that didn't happen.

I hate it when that happens.  I've got seven or eight dozen cracked dadoos in a pickle jar in the kitchen.

I hate it when I get sucked into Yahoo.  And the commenters there are perfect examples of Swift's "Yahoos".  They are all lined up and ready to throw the first stone no matter what.  America's finest.

I think I'll go clean house.




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