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Oh heck yes, thanks to my mom I am now officially hooked on it!!  I am so sad for that maid who wanted to be with that servant guy and he was gonna leave his wife and now the wife, like, entrapped him with some threats of gossip and he just left the poor maid there!!  How sad!!! Oh man!  I only watched it twice, but now this new season started last night and I am sure gonna watch! Looking forward to Amercian Idol too.  I only really watch Bones on Tv, but this time of year, I enjoy American Idol. Glad you like Downton Abbey too!

I've been watching an NCIS marathon for 2 days. Help me.

It could be worse. NCIS is the most popular show on TV. I Mark Harmon looks sort of like me. Very sort of.

I always thought you looked hauntingly familiar.

That's nothing. I look like Mr. Ed, and I have benefited from it my entire life.

Rant: I gotta go over to the dear old Mom's and replace a kitchen faucet.

Rave: Mom's Pot Roast for dinner!

D.D., have you met the character Lisbeth Salander, either from the Millenium series of books, or one of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo movies? If you think Abby & Zeava are cool, Lisbeth will ROCK YOUR WORLD!

P.A., is NCIS REALLY the most popular show on TV?

No rant tonight. Rave: I am simply filled with gratitude today.

Yes....NCIS is the most watched show on TV. Has been for about three seasons now.

(Wipeout is close to the top too)

I find that so hard to believe. I think the show is okay, but I'm not particularly interested in it. And my ex, who is very bright & discerning in his TV likes, LOVES it. I always find it to be too superficial. I KNOW - it's TV!

Well, it is. So there.

Go ahead and watch TV.....it'll do ya good. Nothing wrong with it.

*NCIS is boring....just saying*

Rant: In a perfect world, Gingrich and Limbaugh would have a fight to the death to establish who is the bigger hypocrite and purveyor of double standards - And, in a perfect world, they'd both die at the end.

And then the monuments to them that some conservatives would quickly erect would topple over from the imbalance of their own contradictions and crush those who built them.

And also crush the FOXNews studios and everyone in them.

Rave: I can dream, can't I ?




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