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Holy Gucamole...


I didn't realize there were more pages to that Salon story, Snagg...

 "...Sex for fun. In the same video, Santorum bemoans sex becoming “deconstructed to the point where it’s simply pleasure.”



I betcha he has a hairshirt...


Since when has self-contradiction ever mattered to the deeply devout ? They KNOW  we're all just supposed to keep our mouths shut and go along, because they KNOW "The Way", and we don't.



First, my thanks to all who offered advice on my Auto body shop woes.

Most particularly, my TBuddy!


I went back today and when they commented, again,  that this was probably the result of me "dinging" other cars. I asked, " Are you sure? Could there have been a defect in the "skin?" I thought the guy was going to fall over! :-))

Upon further examination they discovered that the skin was not properly caulked and mositure was causing the problem.

They are replacing the skin and my car will be ready tomorrow afternoon...

HIP, HIP, HOORAY!!! Love it Quinn.  It always amazes me what these automotive shops get away with.

Glad to see that you pinned them down. tbd comes through agin.

Guess that's a Rave.

Glad you got it straightened out Miss Q.

If you want to give your point of view on TBD you will have to ask the three liberals that hang out here. First.

Tax the rich so I can show that I make money and have amounted to something.

S-o-o-o-o.....which sentence is the rant and which one is the rave?

darroll...........There's only three liberals here????  Are you sure about that???

Oh, and BTW.......I ain't rich but I do amount to something, thank you very much....

I'm trying to remember the last time anybody asked me my permission to post anything on this site....

Can't think of a one. Must be getting old, my memory must be going...

Perhaps your liberal credentials aren't quite up to snuff, Snagg.  Have you updated your political resume lately?  ;-0

Well god damn. We've got a liberal infestation here - before you know it property values will drop, flesh eating animated corpses will move in and we'll have to import werewolves to clean up the mess.

Have to contact Pru if you want Zombies. Don't know who the Werewolf keeper is though.

Wait!!! Zombies eat brains, Right? I guess what is left must live at "WTP"

Still not sure about the WW's though.




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