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Rant: Some amateur critic gave a bad review of an excellent new album by one of my favorite bands - Not because it's a bad album, but because the hipster douchebag slagging it as much as admits in the review that the ALBUM must be bad because THE CRITIC can't relate to the concepts and themes of the album, many of which have to do with British history of the past century and the "Fall of Empire" - Like that's the ALBUM's fault, and not the critic's own need to get out of the house a bit more.
I thought that one of the rules of criticizing a piece of art was that the critic has to remember that if the piece of art is smarter than the critic - Then maybe somebody else ought to be reviewing it.


Rave: Having a drink with my other music geek buddies and us all agreeing on what an amateurish clod that musically illiterate Lester Bangs-wannabe is.

Rant: What do music critics know, any farking way?!!!? They're just a bunch of hacks who spew forth their opinion in the vain hope that somebody, somewhere picks up on their angst (preferably in a coffee shop with a bunch of other neo-bohemians) and passes it around like a dose of herpes, infecting the minds of people who would normally reserve such judgement for something that they themselves had picked up on....provided their taste in music was NOT dictated by Rolling Stone, SPIN, Alternative Press, Maximum Rock-n-Roll, Punk Planet or some other useless printed medium that even the most desperate afficianado would NOT use as a substitute for toilet tissue!!!


Rave: Motorhead and Rush continue to prove that a three piece rock and roll outfit can still blow the competition away....30 years and running.

"someone left the kolache out in the rain...I don't think that I can take it cause it took so long to bake it...and I will never have that recipe again" Robin singing!
It's only 7:30 pm and it's dark already.   I'm back for a little while until I kin git the wind back in me sails arrrrr. Locked in irons at the moment. And waiting for a muse.
Just be yerself and I'll be fine. You guys help me alot. I don't know if you understand how much. Pulled me through some rough waters.

I you have extra water send it down to Texas.



From Yahoo news:

Westboro Baptist Church--best known for its reviled anti-gay protests of American soldiers' funerals--announced last night on Twitter that its members will be picketing the funeral of Apple founder Steve Jobs.


"He had a huge platform; gave God no glory & taught sin," Westboro leader Margie Phelps tweeted--from her iPhone.


Let's hope that Phelps has managed to resist her own iPhone's magical powers to "teach sin."


Rant: These people are still around

Rave: I got to scream HYPOCRITE and be right!

It isn't a church for anything other than financial reasons. It's a cult. Sort of a racket , they make thier living suing the people that they antagonize right over the edge. The wall of peace againt the Westboro Baptist Church has the best aproach that I know of. They refuse to let Margie or anyone else push thier buttons and destroy the sanctity of the ceremony by shielding the family and friends from the WBC's BS.



Other than that the emotions that the WBC dredges up in me is the closest thing to hatred that I feel towards another creature on this Earth.

What Merry said, X2.

As far as I am concerned, calling them scum, is bad mouthing scum.

I believe in the right of speech, but these jack asses have taken it too far. 

Rant and concern....

My best gal pal met a guy on Match.com. He has now moved into her house a short time after the romance began. The problem to me...he has no job, he is on unemployment and sits in her house all day doing nothing. Well something, he chats with her on Yahoo ALL DAY! Uhmmm, excuse me, you may not be working but she is! 

I can't even put into words all the red flags flying around this guy, people say talk to her. I have tried, and it is always that I don't understand because I am married. 

Okay, thanks...I will still worry but at least I got that off my chest.


I'm not married and I see a disaster in the making...






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