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Hmmm, What a dilemma. have the smell in your noses, or have the taste in your mouth.
I most always opt for the smell.....in a public restroom.
The way I see it...."What's One More?" and I simply do my best to add to the olfactory cacophony. One more note in the symphony. "Everybody In The Pool!", y'know? Right.
Reposting: This just in... Seismologists have determined that today's earthquake outside of DC was not the result of a fault line but rather the result of our founding fathers rolling over in their graves.
makes total sense to me aggie.
Probably...!  And rolling their eyes too!
I'm waiting to see the tea party blame the quake on Obama.
Well you notice he did know to get out of Washington before it hit.
Maybe we need a Beer Party.

Great Horny Conspiracy-Theory Toads, PA!


Me, I'm thinking this was a stealth strike by Sarah Palin, deploying her vast scientific knowledge to hijack, reconfigure and re-direct the HAARP Project. After all - She IS from Alaska, y'know...

Notice that she was nowhere DC either, when it happened, eh? No surprise that she was still too damn stupid to think and check the President's vacation schedule beforehand, though. It's that kind of disregard for the details that marks her as a poor choice for the post of Wasilla Dog Catcher, let alone PotUSA....


They sent my Census form back AGAIN!!

In response to the question: "Do you have any dependents ?"

I replied "12 million illegal immigrants; 3 million crack heads;

42 million unemployable people; 2 million people in over 243 prisons;

and 535 IDIOTS in the U.S. House and Senate."

Apparently, this was NOT acceptable.




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