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This is the place to vent your frustrations.  Have at it!!

Post your rant here.

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Gee, We may have to start a recuperation clinic right here on tbd.

Beth, that oxy stuff is pretty good. Quinn, Ouch!! Maybe you need some oxy something.

Please try to hurt the other leg next time. We all need balance in our lives.

Exactly Jaylee!
I'm not sure what  "people" you are referring to but I thought his comment was hilarious.

I thought it was funny too.

Who didn't? What prompted your comment kooner?



I'm confused...someone made a negative comment about Robbie's comment here in another thread? And, you commented on that other thread's comment here?



Yes Quinn, Under these circumstances, you are allowed to say WTF!!!!

Aw, I'm sorry you're hurting, Q.  Here's a cyber hug.


May I be so bold as to suggest that I drop over and kiss the booboo on the affected appendage?

Still waiting...

I can't stand this bandage on my  my forearm/ wrist.

And it hurts.

The  damn boss didn't even call to see if i was alright.


Mrs.Pennypacker is cat mad I got bit. She wants to scratch that

Bastard Hound's  eyes out.

He also bit another girl the  day before.


Rave. My sweet sister Carol is here for the Holiday weekend to watch the fireworks.

I love her.





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