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I'm getting super frustrated that much of what I had been seeing over the last couple of months I am seeing again here. I really have to remind myself to skip over that particular channel, but I can't! It's like a wreck, I just have to turn my head to look. Somebody smack me!

What i find interesting is that the core that stayed at TBD had no problems. Any tiffs were started by ex-pats.

It appears that Mr. E has brought dissention here in order to make some sort of point??? Rather than take his issues somewhere else with the two people he names, he has to make waves in public.  If he wasn't so sad, he's be funny...

Just making me sad.
Me to...really sad today.....I'm normally a happy person.
Don't forget....Robbies' a mod....let's see what comes with that now that it's being put into play.  Mr E ain't dumb...well....maybe a bit misdirected...well....*shuddup J....*

Rant:  Some of my favorite foods don't agree w/me anymore.

Rave:  Catch some one being good...it's a good thing.  That is something I learned when my kids were very little.  It helped me get through many tough days....and maybe it helped them get through a tough day

J Lee S, I understand the wreck analogy, but  you really need to drive by looking the other way.

As BAF said. you give them attention, and they come back for more. As anyone who has been around tbd and MA know, I too can be sucked into the ongoing confrontations. However I do not believe there has ever been anything positive come out of my fighting with those that I found offensive. 

I probably could have the offenders suspended, but that can get very tricky very quickly. I still think the best solution, as dificult as it is, will be to ignore them.

Do you have a problem with Aggies?

Aggee, I don't have a problem with Aggies. Most of my ex inlaws did though. They went to UT. (:>)

Well, two of the cousins went to A&M but they were disowned.

How about Duke anyone? I'm going their for the weekend next weekend. '-)
Huh.....what's a "Duke"?  I need to broaden my horizons....:-)
That was John wayne, I think.




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