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Can't chew regular gum. It sticks to the teeth. Used to buy Stick Free gum, but they were bought out by a company that refuses to make it any more. Freedent is the only other gum I can chew, and I can't find that, either. Guess companies don't want to make any products for people our age, except the ones we'd prefer not to buy or think about.
So far in less than one week my home has had a plumbing problem that flooded my bathroom, followed by a flash flood that flooded my apt, garage & basement, and today there was a stream of water flowing literally from the back wall of the house to the front wall. Turns out it's the Central A/C unit. I'm randomly thinking about beginning construction on an ark.
d's girl, I admire you for staying upbeat through all this. We've had flooding problems in the past, it's a difficult time. Sending positive vibes.
For your information. "Sending positive vibes" is Larry's come-on line. :-)
UBU! Shush
I thought that was a Daz thing, or that other lady ("love and laughter...").
ty, Larry. I appreciate your + vibes. I'm walking that fragile tightrope right now- you know the one where if you don't stay upbeat you'll have a nervous breakdown? That one. So.... I'm hangin' in.

oh, and if what sm@rty breeches Ubu says is true.... I think I'm going for a nap. '-)
Now, see, if you lived in a houseboat, you'd not have to worry about this problem at all. You'd have all the conveniences of a house, and the boat would be used to water.
I'd be in a side show " Jack The Amazing Human being" . The patrons could view me in my natural setting, sleeping and just laying around. They could even feed me, and if my handlers think I'm not too grouchy they could rub my tummy and my bald head ............
That's good to know Jack, and it's certainly a random thought. Oh.......I get it, you're tired and you meant to put this reply on Pru's circus thread. lol
Well, it worked. As soon as I said it was nap time, the girls talk turned to sex. Wish I had known about this 50 years ago.




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