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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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You just need to get out more. Head on out to Houston. I see you were careful how you worded that, good job.

Wow, burgers and Kleenex is a cheap hotel room. Can't get any dirtier than that.
Thanks, I did make you look pretty damned good.
I used to think drinking was bad for me, so I just quit thinking.
Drinking problem? I don't have a drinking problem! I drink. I get drunk. I fall down. No problem.
Yesterday was the day before today.Today is the day after yesterday. Today is also the day before tomorrow.Tomorrow is the day after today. So, we have yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Do we need a name for the day after tomorrow?
I was thinking "Glide-to."
I like blpaday
I'm not comfortable living in a day I can't pronounce. I have enough trouble with Wedsnedsday. No wonder everyone calls it Hump Day.
it is my fault it didn't rain today as predicted because I didn't wash my car yesterday as I usually do on Weds.
If we ever get to a day where we get everything we need to do completely done, are we going to need to be around for anymore days, since we will no longer have anything to do?




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