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So I rent a movie from Redbox the other day and I am trying to return it.... I have been to 5 different redbox locations and none of the machines will take the movie..... does this mean I get to keep it????
Sure! At the low, low, price of $1 a day forever.
Now that Blockbuster has also started putting movie vending machines in supermarkets how much longer until all the theaters close?
Kids still need a place to go to neck.
And behind the gym.
And sitting in line waiting to see the counsler.
There'll be no smoking in the boys' room.
Does that mean we all use the girl's bathroom?
Did some one say "panty raid"?!!!? ;->
For the love of God, eat something, hava a cup of coffee and quit whining. This isn't the rant and rave thread!

Oh, Hi Wendy.
Don't worry Wendy, Larry will have to sell his computer to pay off his debts after the Derby.
Or have enough to buy us all a cup of Starbucks




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