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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I called information for your phone number. They laughed and hung up on me. It was an automated voice.
Now I've gone to Birdland, havin' some java. Thank you, OH!
Hi, I'm flipping channels here, I've got five open, writing on two. Multitasking at its most ethereal.

How did your lawyer letter go over at the next desk on the first - any comment? :-P
Aww. All that creativity for nothing.

I'm trying to set up a Flickr Account. (I did one on Picasa, but they don't seem to have any instructions so I think I'll delete it. It uploads everything it can get its claws on and I don't know how to select or what to do next.) Anybody got good tips for working with these things? Ack!
Sorry Chez, but no. I'm lucky to be able to navigate around here.

You women sure know how to multi-task.
Olivia is really good. When you retire, you lose skills. I used to be able to bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan...
Oh, good luck! I hope it turns out as you want it!
If you had a cell phone you probably would never have gotten started on that wash room.
Why does the "list of things to do" never get any shorter????
Perhaps because u never actually get anything done?
OH is AWOL again. Bet her and her cubical mate are out painting the town red. They are the best of buddies now. And tbd should get the credit.
Good answer HEART. lol




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