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Are piano lessons included in the price? I'm musically inclined.
Since it been hanging from me since the second I was conceived--can i consider myself to be well hung?
Are you suggesting that if you were an Asian porn star that your moniker would be Wuhn Huhng Lo?!!!?
Oh say it aint so!
Are there any bugs, birds, or mammals that fly by having wings that whirl around in a circle? I didn't think so. why would anyone in their right mind get into a helicopter?

I'd have no problem getting in one if you were at the helm Robbie.
Bite me! I'm broke and I know he has a lot of money.
And I really like people who buy me really good beer. Like a case of Foster's Bitters or Sam Adams Black Lager.
When your wings are leading, lagging, flapping, precessing and moving faster than your fuselage there's something unnatural going on. It's those 40,000 parts flying and vibrating in close formation. What's not to love?
Ray's right. Each space shuttle has 2.5 million parts - That's 2.5 million things that can go wrong with each flight. All things considered, that's a damned good safety record.
Note pad entry: "Foster's Bitters, Sam Adams Black Lager"




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