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Not familiar with the term but it sounds good to this Yankee.

Sugar sand is known growing great watermelon and sweet tators.  A very course sand like sugar.

NEAT! Does the sand itself have a lot of minerals in it?

No, very poor,some what acid, wind will dry it out quickly, very little organic matter and plow better when wet and tends to blow in the wind.


If I got to choose between world peace, and Bill Gates fortune, what color Lamborghini do you think I would drive?

Don't know.

World peace will never happen as there is always some sucker that wants you to change your religion, take what you are happy with, hide your bad a$$ friends, blow your a$$ up for the fun of it, want your beautiful girl-friend, Still mad at you for things your relatives did hundreds of years ago, they don't like your looks, You are rich and I am poor.

Don't want a Lamborghini as I would be in jail all the time for putting my foot into it.

Don't want Gates(s)money, he worked his butt off to get it.

I think you could handle a brand new sort of paint that changes color according to the temp. Ya know kinda like a mood ring only more expensive.

Morning soapbox>>>>>something simple like a little red worm , actually many of them could change the world.

Thought cloud that says;"HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM , I wonder if worm poop really is worth it's weight in gold."

Best place to grow worms is under the rabbit coop.

Would need a warm building if I kept rabbits through the winter months because it goes down to -15 for usually about a week to two weeks every winter. In the summer it's fantastic , the days are warm and the nights cool everything off just right. But if I did have rabbits , I think I'd go for breeding angoras or specialty pet rabbits on a small enough scale that I could house them in the winter. Red worms need temps about 70 degrees to really be at their best. So far my $40 investment in red worms has tripled since last August. That pays better than the bank. The bedding is just shredded junk mail and dirt and enough water to make it moist. I have more kitchen scraps than I know what to do with.

Ya know how everybody has that one smart ass friend. I just realized that's me.




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