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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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Do be do be do!
Larry is in snow business.
Doctors are always telling us to stay off of drugs and don't use needles. So why do they always give us drugs and stick us with needles???
It's for our own good and it will hurt us more than them.
I didn't win the powerball, but someone in North carolina did. Why in the world would someone else want to win the bowerball that i was suppose to win?
I didn't thinked that thoughted was a word?
I thoughted it were a word.
Got to admit - that's pretty damn kinky. ( The kettle corn and beer mixture ) Nowadays I'm settling for getting laid in a bed sans any food in sight.
Food, Sex and Ewe.....
Is sans Korean for without?
It is not dumb!!! All of those players went to college--so it is obviously a game being played by nothing but intellectual people.
I thought maybe I was the only one who Thought "What the Hell". She did a great job. I was impressed until the shot of here feet in those shoes. Was that to make her sing at a higher pitch?




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