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Mrs. Pennypacker got a new outfit from a friend.

She got more presents than me!

that is sooo flippin adorable, BethD!!  You two have the best fashion sense!  I had a bad sinus headache today so i just been lounging all the live long day!

  I have a huge doggie, the closest i have to a kitty is the solar powered hello kitty on my desk  LOL! Here's my big doggie lady:

Your dog looks so happy and well cared for. Now I had a random thought but I think I misplaced it.

Thank you, Merry! She is overweight, hence those rolls on her back  LOL.  When we rescued her from the shelter, she was literally the only healthy looking dog there. Sorry i distracted your random thought.  hee hee!  Hope you have a nice evening!

OJ thinks she is AWESOME !!!

She gets 2 dog wags and a smiling wet dog bark.

Anytime she wants to go for a walk  on the beach , swim and chase 

a ball she can come  to NJ and play w/ OJ.

oh, how cute!!! now that looks like a fit dog!!  Hey ya, OJ!

My lab is weird in that she dislikes the water, when i water the back yard, she thinks it is bath time and she bolts to the side yard til i finish! 

She is pretty good about chasing the ball around tho, but doesn't like to give it back!

Lemme show you her at doggie beach!

The dream of every dog.

OJ  says just shake it off on your Moma!

Abby the Airdale is absolutely in aggrement but does not understand what is going on?

I need dinner. ( he is fine, just playing w/ food for fun,it is a boy thing)

@ Abby the Airedale: You are GOHah-geous!

All these doggie pics are great!

My little one has yogurt on her nose right now, b/c I let her have my empty yogurt cup.

I might try to get a pic of her.

I wish someone else would host the Chris Matthews show.




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