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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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U should have larry shovel the snow for u.

Thanks for cleaning the driveway......now I can play basketball.
That looks more like fun than work, Larry.
lol, I've been looking for velcro work boots.
Larry, If you wore these, it wouldn't matter how deep the snow got.

I think you would have to special order them to get the velcro.
Don't show these to Pru. With these she would be taller than me. Hell, she would be able to pat TSD on the head.
Robbie, I was just trying to keep Larry's feet outta the snow.
...and if you got a KITP from Pru in those you'd be hurtin' fer sure.
Thanks Kathy, did you order them for me yet? Size 11.
What kind of a friend are you Bubba? You know I'd fall off those and break a hip.
I am hoping to meet up again with Larry and Kittycat (and hopefully with Robbie too) when they come south. Larry, swing past NY and bring Janis Joplin with you.




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