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Probably worst pizza I ever had was my great nephews birthday party about a month ago, at Chucky Cheese.
I managed to get myself thrown out of a Chuck E's once - On purpose.
I got fired from a toy store around Christmas, it was insane. Maybe it was because I mentioned that Barbie's wardrobe looked like it was taylored by Fredrick's of Hollywood...............
If barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends/

I think we should all get part time jobs at Chuck E's just as a goof and start a blog about it.












uh yeah, life's too short.................I could never work at McD's .. Things like,"Go for the salad, those chicken mcnuggets 'll kill ya! Would come flying out of my mouth before I could stop myself.

Hmph. WOMEN.


I'm referring, of course, to the study a few years back that conclusively showed the difference between male and female shopping habits.  Men will pay twice what an item is worth, if they really need - as opposed to merely want - it. Women will buy things that they do not actually want, nor particularly need - As long as they're on sale.


I did not make this up.

I know!

Thank goodness I was raised with boys and don't have that crazy shopping gene!Except for shoes :-)

And, handbags.


I caught the tale end of a show about coupon shoppers and how they get hundreds of dollars of goods for next to nothing. But, it doesn't make sense to me that a man would have a room full of disposable diapers when he doesn't have a baby...

...Who says you can only use diapers on a baby's butt? Them things'll suck up just about anything - Spilled motor oil, kerosene, dog vomit, freon - etc, etc, etc.


Not quite as handy as shop towels, but they can hang on to a greater volume of whatever crud needs to be wiped up.

No husband has ever been shot while doing the dishes.  


Still...there's always a first time and I just don't want to become a dish washing statistic.

May I extoll upon the virtues of hording?

If I become tired of shopping or become too busy to shop then I'm good for about a month for most items. Especially when Christian Consumer Orgy time is here again and folks drive like the devil till the after Christmas sales start.

I always know I have the basics that I need to survive a nuclear winter. Talk about peace of mind.

And last but not least, if I'm taking the time and trouble to go shopping in the first place, I make it count. The entire vehicle is packed and the gas that I used to get there isn't wasted.

In VT they doubled dollar off coupons and I admit that shopping became a sort of sport for me and collecting freebies was beyond my ability to control but I also donated a ton of it to folks who needed it.




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