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I used to have a boss that wouldn't bathe or do laundry...

I used to have a boss that would get drunk about every 6 months, and make a pass at my ex.

I worked there 1 year. Chalked it up to drunkeness the first time. and quit the second time. 

She kept on working for him.

"Keep thy shop, and it will keep thee."   - Benjamin Franklin
"Beings that I don't know, I hesitate to say."  - Teebibbadee
I don't live in Omaha.
Worst pizza I ever had in my life was at one of the locations owned by former boxer Ken Norton in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Where did you have the best pizza you ever had in your life?
Best pizza I have ever had? it comes right out of my oven. I ran a pizza shop many years ago, and learned a little about what makes the best pizza. It is one of the dishes that I am best known for with family and friends. i never make pizza just for me and Dee. If I'm making it, I ask Dee who do you want to invite. I always cook pizza in cast iron skillets, and will make a minium of 2, and sometimes 3.
George's brother has a pizza shop.
I have a cast iron skillet...............never thought of making pizza in it. Got in trouble with my husband for leaving the pizza stone behind when we moved from VT to ME. Didn't realize how much they cost. Thank God, there is a decent pizza place here that delivers. The owners are Greek and I don't know what it is, guess I''m profiling but day-em they can cook!

"Leo's", in Petersburg is really good.....


"Sam's", on North Grand used to be really, really good, but they went downhill....


These days, we usually get ours from "Fulgenzi's", by the Fairgrounds.


But, absolutely No Doubt About It - I've never had a pizza from a chain restaurant that was half as good as the pizza from a Mom'n'Pop-style place. Not all Mom'n'Pop places are good - But no Domino's or Godfathers ever came close to the real thing, that's for sure.




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