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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I vote for the original misspelling of this thread.
Ubu, Jaylee, I have no idea what you're talking about. :)
Kevin always comes back. Like most of us.
Two days from now, tomorrow will be yesterday.
But there is no tomorrow--for tomorrow becomes today--then there is suppose to be another tomorrow--so tomorrow never gets here!
Civilization, as we know it, will end sometime this evening. See MOTD tomorrow for more information.
Olivia, If you collect enough of them you can possibly put them in a little box on a post on your street with a sign. "Please use these to pick up your dog's S**T".
See, now you have become a community activist and will be written up in your local newspaper. Then the local TV crew will arrive. This, of course, will lead to an interview on the "Today" show. Which will in turn, get you an invitation to a White House party. Where you will be identified as an uninvited guest and flown to a foreign country to be questioned by some nonexistant government agency. Under the effects of the drugs used to get you to tell the "TRUTH", you will be instructed to remember being abducted by an alien space ship and given an anal probe. You will then be deposited back in your own neighborhood in time to sign a contract to be a guest on Snagg's next "Fear and Loathing" program. This will in turn lead to NBC offering you a contract to host a reality show in the time slot being vacated by Leno. I wish, for your sake that this process could be shortened, but fear that is impossible
Robbie and Olivia! You made my day for sure. Thanks.
We do what we can for those in need.

Olivia, How many do you have? Can I have a few?

Just think of it as therapy.
I think the freakin' neighbor stole my snow shovel.
That rat bastard!
A blizzard is on the way.
You know--i been thinking that it actually might not be a good idea to have random thoughts--simply because those thoughts don't last too long.




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