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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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The answer is "Yes", because, even though we get all of OUR stuff done, some hump somewhere will be slacking off, and we'll be the ones required to carry their share of the weight. Thus has it ever been; Thus shall it ever be.

IS there a more thrilling way to spend a beautiful spring morning than sitting around waiting for some hump from the water dept to show up and poke around your property, looking for an alleged "leak"?
Well, you could be sitting around drinking some vile tasting liquid and running to the bathroom every few minutes while hoping they would give you good drugs before taking the subway to your neither regions. I'm not doing that, but thinking it would be worse than catching up on your reading while waiting for some water dept. person to show up and tell you that it wa all a mistake.
Hey, Snagg, you're hanging out w/us - what the he!! are you whining about?! ;-p

That calls for a plate of French Toast.

Damn. No syrup. Huevos Rancheros it is!
mmm... Huevos Rancheros sounds GREAT! I had bacon & scrambled eggs w/cheese.
that was hours ago now.... what's for lunch?
Johnsonville Stadium Brats, on wheat bread with spicy mustard and sweet relish. And a glass of water.
"Blue Velvet". Yer Welcome.
What would be the most expensive thing that you cannot buy?
Nah, old guys say that all the time.

They think it's a come-on line.
d@mn, chez, I'm so oblivious. All these old guys always telling me they're going for a nap - I never had a clue they were trying to pick me up!
Of course, they live in my mother's nursing home, and they feed everybody that line, so I don't feel so special.
It is pretty subtle. Heh.




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