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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I had breakfast with Kainsworth this morning. Any of you guys jealous?
Arriviste`. Show-Off. Name-Dropper. Attention Whore.

Here, me an KW live in the same damn state, and she's never even offered to take me to a White Sox game. And I've offered her to drive herself down here and I could show her the livestock pavilion at the State fair grounds. (Off-season, of course.)

Hmph. I feel slighted. KW, Pickle's just playing on your flood-victim sympathies. Don't believe a word he says about the rising waters "washing away his new knees". He's a rascal, I tell you.
I was in walking up the steps into the house from work and something was dragging around my heels.
I looked around and it was my ass.
I'm so glad it wasn't your underwear, Beth. Though times have changed a lot; it's almost stylish now.

Remember when it was mortifying to have your slip showing?

Remember when we wore slips?
No Chez, I don't remember the last time I wore a slip.

Oh wait, there was that one time.
PICKLE!!! I would be very jealous if I believed you. I need to see proof.
Look on my page. There is photgraph proof. How dare you doubt my trustworthiness?
I apologize for the mistrust, It must be that Jimmy Carter/politician look of yours.

Very nice pic, I'm certainly jealous.
Yes they are cute together.
Her daughter is the really, really cute one but I didn't think I should put her picture here.
Good idea! Is it because of guys like me are in here?
You have seen more of the beautiful TBD ladies than I ever will. I should be the jealous one.




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