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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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Yep. Let's keep it rockin'! There's an old saying, "If the RV's rockin', don't start knockin'!"
Any cop? Are there women on your police force?
Whenever I can't decide between a choice of 2, I pick both.

Nice to see you Wendy.
It looks like we'll have to do something. I'll stalk follow the crowd.
I am hoping we can somehow stay here. If we move again, we are just going to loose that many more members who "splinter" off. We lost some very cool people by movibg here, I don't want to loose anybody else by moving again.
My feelings exactly TBub.
Just Checking
Thanks Bull!
My Pleasure, you are wlcome.
Anybody know what happened to OH?
Last time I looked, OH was right next to Pennsylvania. :-)
Thanks for the help.




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