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Did you know that you can fake a home pregnancy test by allowing the stick to sit on the counter for a while. It comes up positive after a while. It makes for a fun practical joke (although my husband didn't think it was so funny) and April fools day IS just around the corner...........
Wow! Thanks for the tip. I use that to scare my girlfriend on April Fool's day.
It is illegal to ride a horse over 10 miles an hour in Indianapolis.
if you ride a horse in the city limits of Indianapolis do you have to pooper scoop
their dirt up? Did you know a horse can shit when it is running and jumping, they don't have to stop to shit.
Well....That would explain a few things, now wouldn't it?
Here's your answer Beth.

I've never envied a horse until now.
It's a dog eat dog world out there. (and in here too)
Is this what they mean when they say that a dog is a man's best friend?
NO, I think that it means that as it becomes more of a dogs world the dog must take more responsibility. And depending on where the horses are they probably will have to wear depends.




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