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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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why can't you people have a little sympathy for the poor snowmen?

I tried to teach him to write his name in the snow while we were in Virginia, but he never got past the capital "H"
Well, Pooh Bear is a regular, fully-clothed old bear of very little brain, and bare Pooh is...uh..do we really need to go there? LOL.
that cold wind hurts my face and wind burns it.
Send Pictures
I'm waiting.
I'm going to bed soon. Brush teeth, sleep til morning and then you all better be Friday NuttJOBS! Because I wanna have some fun!

Twirl me tomorrow. Pajamas now. Please.
Do you mean, send pictures of the officemate still alive after Lent is over? Aw, the temptations.
snowboarding and half pipe was awesome to watch.
Try to describe it - I'm completely unfamiliar with the feeling.
I don't argue with my wife anymore. She suggested a book for me to read to help our relationship. It's titled, "Women Are From Venus, Men Are Wrong". With logic like that, there's no sense arguing.
I on a kinda short rope here. Is "smart" the new code word for trained? ;-)




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