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Did you sell your pickup truck?
I remember the thirty five sweet goodbyes
When you put me on the Wolverine up to Annandale
It was still September when your daddy was quite surprised
To find you with the working girls in the county jail

I was driving past Bard College today - when that Steely Dan song, My Old School, happened to come on the radio. Both Donald Fagen and Walter Becker met at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson - close to where I am. Steely Dan is also the name of a dildo in the book Naked Lunch by William Burroughs.
PAGING DR. BENWAY! White courtesy phone, please.
We get a lot of you folks in the extermination business.

Now I have to watch the DVD tonight.
Anyone for Tag..? or Read the Bills Out Loud To Me Tonight, Baby?
Sme! What ae you doing here without your taboggin? Your head is going to get cold and swell up baby.
Iwas going to send you a valentine,but now I am hesitant. I might play tag, but I'm not into that sadomasochism bill reading stuff.
the is coming up and there is no snow coming down WHOO -HOO
Do you have a DVR? It's great. We don't watch anything live any more, fast forward through the commercials. If we see the babys on the E-TRADE commercials, we'll stop it to watch that.
I awoke this morning contemplating my younger days when I first decided I wanted to be an amateur magician. I think it happened right after I walked down the street and tuned into a drugstore.
Are you still a drugstore?
No, but thanks for asking. You weren't just looking for cheap drugs, were you?
No, but thanks for offering, I get mine right off the street.




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