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I couldn't find it. Let's do it again.

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I hope Larry's snow blower is outta gas.
OH, I got gas.
You have a methane powered snow blower?

Bravest American Female
Another favorite Country-Western song:

I'm so miserable without you it's almost like you're still here.
"Girl, You aint much fun since I quit drinking!"
"I need liquor in order to like her, and lately I been liking her just fine!"
Bells are good. Voices are bad. If you start hearing voices...don't go to the office...It won't be photos that you will be snapping!
No medical license needed, just a plunger, use either end.
I bet Olivia's coworkers never invite her to their Karate lessons.
And they probably don't do that thing where "all the girls go to the bathroom together" either. Specially when OH is waving that plunger around.




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