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My son manages a bunch of those digbats at a grocery store.
I thought that store went out of business after I quit.
Can a zoologist be a carnivore??
only if they eat animal crackers
Yum! Animal crackers!
The ones from a vending machine at work are all indecipherable camels. Or maybe annoying earthpig torsos. I can't tell. Many are broken.

That is a rip off for 80 cents! A total rip off when you can't enjoy a Recognizable Animal as a little treat. Especially during the latter part of a workday when you really cannot take much more strife and misery....

Just sayin'...
I am a vegetarian once removed. I only eat animal that are vegetarians.
Sme, do you bite their little heads off first?
The scary part is that first she breaks their little legs.
Man! It's 8:30 and still raining. And the wind is blowing. And I still have to take Happy out to walk. I think I'll have a drink.
Can it rain in Florida without the wind blowing it sideways?
Is there such a thing as a hydrophobic fish?
Or an acrophobic Goat?




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