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Pseudopod? Is that a fake ipod?
Or that something is being faked?
If we call an asp in the grass a snake, why do we call a grasp in the ass a goose?
what's with all the questions? who are these people?
I thought KarenSme was the great answer machine in the sky. Why is she asking me questions?
Like Red Riding Hood told the Big Bad Wolf: "Eat me, just like it says in the book."
Very colorful, great one.
Olivia, Life is like a bowl of soup with hairs floating on it. You have to eat it nevertheless.
-- Flaubert
My dog doesn't have tattoos.
My tear ducts have been emptied, that is just the sweetest thing I have ever heard.
Like, life is, like, coming, like, out of the shower. Like, you have to like, put on,like clothes, like. Like, the rest of, like, the world. Like, never likes, like full , like disclotherer. Like, Like, Like, like lie, li, l, Ok, I'm Like done like, now.




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